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  • Russian, Polish, English speaking licenced acc. practice
  • Русскоговорящий бухгалтер Англия 
  • Polsko-jezyczny ksiegowy Anglia

About us

K accountancy is a trusted and licenced accounting firm in West Midlands, providing online and locally based accountancy services . We offer a wide range of accounting, tax, and consulting services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our commitment to integrity, reliability, and innovation sets us apart in the industry.


Tax Planning and Compliance

Our tax planning and compliance services help businesses navigate complex tax regulations, maximize deductions, and ensure compliance with the latest laws and regulations.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

We offer comprehensive bookkeeping and payroll services to streamline your financial operations, maintain accurate records, and ensure timely payroll processing at competitive prices.

Financial Consulting

Our financial consulting services provide strategic guidance, financial analysis, and planning to help businesses make informed decisions and drive growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

The tax year has finished, I think I have overpaid tax on my wages.

We are not providing service of payslip interpretation for individuals. This is to be discussed directly with internal accounts departament or HR. If you have overpaid tax on your wages it is more likely you will be automatically issued cheque for repayment from HMRC or, it will be ofset of your tax code in the next tax year.

Do you prepare mortgages?

No, we don't offer motgage services. However, we can provide confirmation of income for our clients on bank request. Same confirmation might be needed for immigration purposes.

I'm not sure if I need accountant or where to start. Also, I'm afraid that, I deal only with foreign individuals based in UK and my knowledge of English language is very limited.

We are happy to help in any language! I agree, there might be a language barrier but, we have got one very special skill: we will listen! We will try to help in one of the languages that is  easiest for you to communicate in or... use translator.

If you are not sure if you need accountant or, where to start, get in touch with us and we provide initial consultation service free of charge.

How can I avoid taxation on my income?

K Accountancy as licenced accountancy practice is regulated by Anti-money laundering bodies will never advice on tax evasion (illegal), avoidance (legal however, unethical still might lead to penalties).

We will still act within our ethical code and conduct providing services in the way that will be most beneficial to client at time including tax planning services. In case of client suspicous behavious or unclear source of income we are obligated to cease to act for such client.

More information to be found on:


Do you provide remote services? I need my accountant to be verified but, would not like to travel to West Midlands every time my tax due.

We provide remote services across whole United Kindgom.

Occassionally, we can offer to travel to client base or provide outsorcing (only resasonable distance) on regular basis, mainly for bookeeping purposes.

At this point we operate two offices:

1st, main office placed in Birmingham, West Midlands (about 30 min away from motorway exit)

2nd, smaller departament in Tauton, Somerset.


Are you Self Employed / Employed or, working as Limited Company?

Which structure suits you best?